(aka Ben) Year 1983 Ghent Belgium... Being a resident at the famous 55 Kuiperskaai, followed and combined with other dance clubs (The Ones, Ghost, Nikolaas, ...), music bars, parties and a weekly Music Mania radio set ; enjoying the power of being in control by turning buttons and presenting his own groove preferences and rare tracks to club people.


After 5 years of nightlife, the decision was taken to do some grow-up work, but the grooves kept on falling in. On a regular basis, enjoying party people at events and private parties only to share good times and fun.


The intense joy and fun ‘attacked’ again during 2013 summer at Collins Beach Club (ex-Soleado Blue) where he enjoyed the grooves of ‘Monsieur Isaac Maine’ and his lovely ‘petite’ family. With sincere thanks to Isaac and Francesco for their positive vibes, heart filling energy and the tunes that rolled over the beach wrapping themselves in the sunbeams; they were the motivation to buy a digital mix table and learn how to read music from a screen.

"Where is the dust I needed to swipe from vinyl and cd’s? Are we becoming digital music surgeons?" 

Since 2015, Maddox teamed up with a true brother and for most an experienced master dj & producer Daniel Bovie. Resident dj’s and setting the djs & musicians support acts for the Collins Beach Club situated in Knokke-Zoute Belgium. Entertaining the sun and party visitors and a mix of various music grooves, classics and totally new vibes.

Positive energy, smiles & joy are the centre of their sets which found a loyal and increasing fan crowd.

Since end 2019, Maddox moved to Cape Town South Africa. The Maddox Belgium period came to an end, so a new chapter started. Since his teens, African music, the repetitive traditional sound was the centre of Maddox personal selection. Anywhere where possible these sounds were a layer in the dj sets as in the recordings. Arriving in Cape Town only enforced this desire to surf those African influences to create that different sound. The sound of a new chapter, the sound of BenMzansi.There's no servicing to crowd ears, you dive into a pure Maddox BenMzansi selection.



Enjoy and may the force of the Sun be with you!


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